approximate grades 4th/5th through 7th/8th

Canterini is open to students in grades 4th/5th through 7th/8th.  This is the intermediate ensemble in the organization and continues the development of good singing practice that is begun in Primo Coro.  Students sing music in three and four parts and are given skills to expand their vocal ranges and musical understanding. They are introduced to music containing complex rhythms and independent vocal lines.  Students continue to  work on developing good singing and rehearsal habits.  Students participate in several performances throughout the year. Singers in Canterini develop a strong sense of teamwork, confidence and poise.

Curricular goals beyond those listed above:

  • Development of increased vocal range
  • Reading and performing complex rhythm patterns
  • Introduction of mixed and compound meters
  • Sight-reading of stepwise melodies, skips of major triad and introduction to minor
  • Accurate singing of intervals from major scales
  • Develop the ability to sing independently in parts
  • Begin to sing a cappella literature