Primo Coro

approximate grade 1st through 3rd/4th


Primo CPrimooro is the entry-level choir for 1st grade through 3rd/4th grade singers. It is designed to introduce young singers to the choral experience and discover the unique abilities of their voice. Through weekly rehearsal and regular performances, members of Primo Coro learn about healthy vocal production, sing in unison and two parts, practice and perform basic rhythmic notation, sing in solfege, and discover new musical terms and symbols. Primo Coro singers develop poise and confidence while building a sense of responsibility for themselves within an ensemble.

Curricular goals:

  • Maintaining head voice throughout the singer’s vocal range
  • Reading and performing basic rhythm patterns
  • Reading and performing some solfege Curwen hand signs
  • Focus and cooperative demeanor in rehearsals and performances
  • Beginning symbol recognition for dynamic markings
  • Building independence in holding part in a round and partner song
  • Introduction of non-English language skills

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