older kidsApproximate grade – 7th/8th through high school

Harmonia (formerly Pro Musica) is an advanced ensemble for singers through senior year of high school who are able to make a significant commitment of time, possess a more mature tone and excellent intonation, show music reading and fundamental sight-singing skills, and have a beginning knowledge of music theory. Harmonia singers can maintain focus in a weekly two-hour rehearsal, have developed performance poise, and are able to sing independently in three and four parts. They meet significant performance demands and are expected to be independent learners. Harmonia singers attend the annual fall retreat (with Canterini) and are eager to perform and will make every effort to clear their schedules for opportunities that are presented during the year.

Curricular goals beyond those listed above:

  • Further work with complex rhythms and mixed meters
  • Reading and singing major and minor scales, diminished and augmented intervals
  • All ascending and descending intervals in major scales
  • Further development of a cappella singingdancing
  • Advanced repertoire
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