Singer Placement by Appointment

This is a chance to meet with a representative of the chorus and learn more about the organization. Singers will have the opportunity to sing a short familiar song (provided by the conductor) and then be placed in the ensemble group based on their skill level. Rehearsals will begin on Aug. 30th.   

August 22, 2016 – 6pm-7:30pm
Contact us if you need to schedule a different date/time

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Open House & Season Kick Off

August 30th 4:00pm-8:15pm Join us for our first rehearsal of the season and enjoy a welcome reception for new and returning singers. New singers are invited to come check out a rehearsal, be placed in an ensemble, and start singing!! Check out the details below for rehearsal schedule based on your child’s grade level. This…

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Help Your Child Succeed in School, Life, Work.

Not everyone may be able to play a violin, dance a tango, or act in a Shakespeare drama, but most everyone can carry a tune! From learning ABC’s, to wishing someone a happy birthday, to humming a favorite Disney soundtrack, it doesn’t require expensive equipment. With training, very quickly singing can be done extremely well, which builds self-confidence. And singing is something that can be done throughout a lifetime.

Arts education prepares students for success in school and in life,, and choral singing is an integral part of arts education. There is plenty of evidence that singing in a choir helps students succeed in school, work, and life.

Study after study state that children who sing in choruses get significantly better grades; are better team players; have more advanced social skills; and achieve valuable life skills such as increased memory, creative problem-solving techniques, and good homework habits. (Research and statements from the US Department of Education, NEA, Chorus America, Arts Education Partnership and others.)

Celebrating our Past. Building our Future.